Headshot of Roberto Carrillo

Roberto Carrillo

Senior Software Engineer

What I Do

I have a B.S. in Computer Systems Engineering from ITESM.

I have spent the vast majority of my career working at major technology companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft, but I also have some experience working in startups and as a freelancer.

Please refer to my CV and my GitHub profile for more details.

What I Like Doing

I consider myself a generalist, but I am most experienced developing backend services in the cloud.

I am also experienced automating software development and operation workflows, and producing software intended for the development of software, such as CI/CD systems.

How I Like to Do It

I believe in the mutual support and force multiplication that come from working with people who are different but committed to the same cause.

I believe in leading by example and fostering psychological safety as the strongest drivers of positive team dynamics.

I believe that having a healthy, lifelong curiosity in one's craft and in one's self, is among the best assets for professional and personal growth.

What I Do It With

I believe tools and technologies come and go, and that what matters most is our ability to pick the right one for the right task at a given moment in time, and to quickly become proficient in its use.

That being said, I have written code professionally in the following languages:

What I'm Looking For

I am happy to share that I have accepted an offer from Doximity for a role as a Senior Software Engineer, and I am no longer looking for work.

How to Reach Me

Email me at: robc@robc.dev to book some time to chat, or feel free to reach out via LinkedIn.